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How to choose a good Chinese export agency

As a foreign trader, do you often encounter the following problems in the process of doing foreign trade:

1. There are products that need to be exported, but I don’t have the qualification to export. I don’t know how to deal with it. I don’t know what the export process is?

2. There are so many export agency companies in China. I don't know which company is better and how to choose?

3. Cooperate with a Chinese export agency, but the agency has a low degree of cooperation, high fees, poor customs clearance capabilities, no guarantee for the arrival time of the goods, and inadequate services.

In fact, as long as you find a good export agency to serve you, the above problems will be solved. So, how can we find an export agency company with high coordination, reasonable cost, strong customs clearance ability and guaranteed goods?

How to choose a good Chinese export agency

The following are the five elements for reference when choosing:

1. Fund security: The first thing to consider in any business transaction is the issue of fund security, because the business is inseparable from the circulation of funds, so controlling the security of funds means controlling everything.

2. Credit protection: Nowadays, Chinese export agency companies of all sizes have sprung up, but do they have long-term cooperation with banks, taxation, customs, and commodity inspection, and there are very few that have a certain reputation and relationship.

3. Safe and reliable: The management system of export companies is also very important and requires systematic operation. Employees are required to abide by professional ethics and regulate business confidentiality. Only in this way can the quality of service be guaranteed, and the customer's business can be done safely.

4. Senior professional: It is necessary to be precise in product classification and export supervision conditions, so as to provide customers with more precise services.

The following are the five elements for reference when choosing

5. Strong strength: A Chinese export agency company has strong funds, and the more comprehensive it can provide financing and advancement services, the more flexible its operations. It also provides a broader platform for customer business development.

Post time: Nov-30-2022