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Without import and export rights, what should the foreign trade/factory do?

18 May 2021 -

        As the core customer of international logistics, foreign trade friends are undoubtedly well-deserved. Some foreign trade companies have been established for a long time, and they also have rich experience in China's import agency or import and export trade; although some Chinese export agents or foreign trade companies/factories may have just been established, they know much about import and export trade. Very little. Regardless of whether it has import and export rights, the results of import and export trade brought to foreign trade friends may be very different.

        Speaking of import and export rights, there may be some novices who don't know much about foreign trade, so let's take a look and learn first.

        The most direct understanding of import and export rights is to realize that import and export enterprises have the qualifications to independently operate import and export rights after obtaining approval and certification from relevant departments. Just like in school, there is always a diploma, which means you have reached a certain level of education.

        Today, what we want to talk about is how should we operate in foreign trade/factory import and export trade without import and export rights? There are no more than two methods. One is to pay for the export; the second is to find a Chinese export agent to operate.

        So what are the basic processes and advantages of these two methods?

China's import agency

        Pay for export

        Payment of export fees means that companies that do not have import and export rights complete the import and export trade by purchasing verification forms from others and exporting in the name of other import and export companies.

        1. Basic process

        After the paying company obtains the customs declaration materials, it only needs to submit the complete set of declaration materials to the customs broker/forwarder, and the rest of the import and export logistics matters are handed over to them. After the goods are declared, they are released smoothly, and the entire process of paying for the export is over.

        Advantages: To solve the problem of no import and export rights, a special person (freight forwarder) is responsible, eliminating the trouble, and the payment fee is lower than the operating cost of the foreign trade agency.

        2.Find a foreign trade agent to operate

        Finding a Chinese export agent is basically the same as paying for exports. It also borrowed the import and export rights of other companies. However, the main body borrowed here is the import and export of foreign trade agents.

        Advantages: First, you can rebate tax, which reduces a certain cost. Second, borrowing agent A to reduce the inspection rate, and secondly, the documents, documents, etc. are all handled by the agent.

        Regardless of the method of borrowing import and export rights, it must be analyzed in detail based on the specific circumstances of foreign trade friends. Of course, if you have other better ideas and thoughts, you are welcome to actively discuss them.

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