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What are the benefits of international shipping of personal goods

27 May 2021 -

        Since China joined the WTO, the topic of international freight shipping has appeared more frequently. There are actually many ways of international shipping. The following editor will introduce several ways of international shipping!

        1. The methods of international shipping are:

        Container ship transportation: general dry cargo containers (20GP, 40GP and 40HQ), as well as refrigerated containers, open top containers, frame containers, livestock containers, tank containers, clothes hanging containers, etc. Containers are the most common international sea transportation, among which dry cargo container transportation is the agency business of most international freight forwarding companies. In addition, dry cargo container transportation is divided into FCL transportation and LCL transportation.

        General cargo ships: mainly ship oversized, super high and overweight general cargo.

        Bulk cargo ships: The main cargoes are large and especially large, such as wood, cement, grain, salt, iron ore, coal, copper ore, etc. in bulk.

        Ro-Ro ships: mainly to load and transport all kinds of vehicles, including all kinds of vehicles filled with containers or goods.

        Oil tanker: mainly ships petroleum and refined oil. Including ships that ship various other oils, such as animal and vegetable oils.

        When it comes to international shipping, I have to say that international shipping of personal belongings, in fact, there are too many types of international shipping. Generally, there are general goods (divided into personal goods and commercial goods), ordinary sensitive goods, very sensitive goods, dangerous goods and prohibited goods. However, international shipping is not as simple as imagined. Different countries have different definitions of sensitive goods and prohibited goods. Therefore, the owner of the goods must ask clearly how the freight forwarder should deal with different types of goods before shipping. So, what are the benefits of international shipping of personal goods?

        International shipping of personal belongings, if it’s an immigrant moving second-hand goods, most countries have a tax exemption policy for second-hand goods. Those who want to go international shipping must not lose such a good opportunity, because some countries only have a tax exemption policy for second-hand goods. Once, firmly seizing this opportunity can save you a fortune!

        International shipping of personal items requires some documents and procedures, such as Maple Leaf Card and Green Card. Also prove that the things you are carrying are second-hand goods, etc.

        If you want to do tax exemption for personal items by international shipping, you need more documents, but if you think about it carefully, this opportunity for tax exemption should not be missed! After all, that's golden money too!

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