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Three Biggest Stationery Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou

07 May 2021 - stationery,wholesale,market,stationery sourcing

Today we would like to introduce three biggest stationery markets in Guanzhou for you

Three biggest stationery markets in Guanzhou mainly lie in urban areas which is very near our Guanzhou office. Among them, three most well-known ones are Yi Yuan wholesale market for stationery, toy and decoration in Huangsha and comprehensive wholesale market in Yi De Road

Huangsha stationery market attracts some old-brand stationery wholesale markets like Yi Yuan and Xing Zhi Guang, which moved from Yide Road to Huangsha in 1994. The market, comprised of almost a thousand stores and taking up above 10,000 square meters, is divided into A, B two buildings. In the year 1995, Huangsha is chosen as “The Biggest and The Oldest specialised Wholesale Markets for Stationery, Toy and Decoration” by Development Research Center of State Council.

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Yi Yuan wholesale market & Yide Road are actually in the same area where still are very flourishing market since many years ago.Yide Road remains a place packed with a lot of wholesale stores for stationery . International Plaza, and One-link Plaza specialized in selling toys, stationery and decorations have taken into shape. However, the wholesale stores here are not as concentrative as before. They mainly lie on the first floor or inconspicuous places and give priority to selling middle-grade stationery for student.

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Top floor of International Plaza has been decorated as a show hall for rent, which aims at attracting famous corporations specialized in wholesale business to set up showrooms and offices there.

If you are interested in purchasing stationery, please feel free to contact us. We wholeheartedly provide you with one-stop procurement services.

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