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Some precautions that must be known for the sample declaration of China's export agent

15 May 2021 -

        Since the implementation of the closed policy, exchanges between countries and the outside world have become more frequent. At the same time, with the development of economic globalization, China's export agency trade also includes import trade, etc., which have become the dominant trend in promoting economic development. Export trade refers to crossing national borders. Trade in goods and services, and export trade can adjust the utilization rate of domestic production factors, improve international supply and demand, adjust economic structure, and increase fiscal revenue.

        Our country occupies a very important position in international trade. It is a big exporting country, and of course there is no shortage of import trade. So what should be paid attention to when importing customs declaration?

        1. Do you have the right to export?

        Since it is an import and export trade, it involves an import and export right, the full name of the import and export right, which refers to the right to independently manage import and export operations. Import and export rights refer to the qualifications of import and export enterprises to carry out import and export business. Applying for import and export rights requires a relatively complicated approval process. Enterprises that intend to apply for import and export must obtain the municipal bureau of commerce, municipal/district customs, and inspection and quarantine at the same time. Only after the approval of relevant departments such as the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, the Administration of Foreign Exchange, and the Electronic Port, and the approval of various certificates by the above-mentioned departments, the company has the right to import and export independently. Only enterprises with import and export rights can independently engage in import and export business in accordance with the law.

China's export agency

        2. Understand the export taxes and fees of goods.

        Import tariffs are tariffs levied by the customs of a country on imported goods and articles. Import tax usually includes the following items: import tax, value-added tax and consumption tax. The basic formula for calculating import tariffs is: Import tariff amount = Duty-paid price × Import tariff rate

        It is easy for some people to misunderstand that China's agent imports only need to pay import taxes, ignoring value-added tax and consumption tax. In fact, import taxes and fees are composed of these items, but not every product is subject to consumption tax. We can pay according to the goods. For the customs code, please check the tax rate on the customs website.

        3. The import declaration period.

        The "Customs Law" clearly stipulates the time limit for the declaration of import and export goods. The consignee of imported goods or his agent shall go through customs clearance procedures with the customs within 14 days from the day when the means of transport declared to carry the goods enters the country. Declaration procedures. If the declaration procedure is not submitted to the customs within the statutory 14 days, the customs will charge a late fee. The starting date of the late payment fee is 15 days after the entry of the transportation vehicle. The daily levy rate for overdue reporting fees is 0.5% of the CIF price of imported goods. If it is less than 50 yuan, the threshold is 50 yuan. free.

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