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How to find a reliable Chinese export agent?

28 Apr 2021 -

        China is the largest manufacturing country and has the ability to produce a variety of high-quality and cheap products. Whether it is a Chinese domestic company or a foreign trade company, you can use these two methods to purchase the goods that suit your needs. Not only that, compared to Chinese purchasing companies, they are equipped in terms of geographic handling, communication, and so on. It has great advantages, and it is easy to find a good Chinese export agent and corresponding freight company based on the demander’s product logistics-related information.

        Based on the above, everything has a prerequisite, that is, if you want to find a foreign company and a foreign seller that suits your freight forwarding directly in China, it is likely to cause you to face severe challenges here. For example, the most basic western culture, western language, and the differences in the level and cost of a certain industry. When you encounter such problems, you may be at a loss and don’t know which Chinese freight forwarder is a reliable freight forwarder.

        The core of our choice of freight forwarders is nothing more than services, products, and prices. Therefore, we can start from these three aspects, reach the necessary cooperation with Chinese freight forwarders, and require them to provide high-quality services. And a wealth of products and products. fair prices.

        So, how to find an excellent freight forwarder in China?

Chinese export agent

        1. Focus on their level of service

        Unlike countries and regions such as Europe and the United States, China started late in the international freight market and lacked uniform industry service standards. Before understanding the service level of freight forwarders, if we make a decision easily, it is equivalent to putting this batch of goods in a dangerous situation. The service level needs to be understood from many aspects, but the most prominent point is It is among the professional customer service accompanying guidance and professional logistics experts.


        See what logistics products they have that can meet their logistics needs

        Freight forwarding is a very large industry. Some companies provide air freight services, some provide maritime services, and some companies can provide you with land and intermodal services. And different logistics service directions, the logistics products provided will have obvious differences. Therefore, we need to find a freight forwarder that can meet the logistics needs of our products according to the needs of our items.

        Reasonable price

        Pricing in the Chinese freight forwarding market is quite confusing. Some companies will offer very cheap prices, while others will offer very high prices. The difference is huge. But the free market will follow certain rules. Price and service are usually proportional. Too low prices usually hide some tricks and bring some unforeseen disasters.

        Therefore, reasonable prices are necessary. For enterprises, this is the basis for ensuring profits. For freight forwarders, this is also a guarantee of service quality.

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